Meet Claire Anderson

Passionate about empowering people to live their dreams

During my 20’s I made a conscious decision to “live not just exist”, which led me on a path to achieve many of my dreams I didn’t think were possible such as becoming an Ironman, visiting Antarctica, publishing a book and representing New Zealand in triathlon.

"Dreams can come true.”

I didn’t always used to think this way, in fact I spent some years experiencing depression, post-traumatic stress and questioning my purpose in life. The turning point, in my mid-twenties, came about on my solo at Outward Bound. It was here that I reflected on my values, what was important to me and my life's mission.

"Make a difference in the world."

When I am not life coaching, I am a First Foundation mentor, a business woman who specialises in eCommerce, a scholarship founder, an Outward Bound Council Member and an everyday New Zealander who seeks to enjoy life and create opportunities to live it to its fullest.