Hard Choices, Easy Life

I have had many life experiences whereby a hard choice has resulted in an easier life. One of which was when I was in the process of relocating cities and struggling to buy a new property, while holding onto my current home. For months I had been fighting to be able to achieve this. It would mean huge financial pressure and I would need to significantly change the life I lived, yet I still fought for this to happen. I was scared about the move not working out and that if I sold my current home, in a historically highly priced market, I would never be able to get back in if the move didn't work out.

It was during a 3-hour drive, from what would be my new home city to my current home, that I heard Tim Ferriss share a quote in his TED Talk. A quote that immediately resonated with me…

"Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life" Jerzy Gregorek

I had planned to meet some rental property agents during the coming week, but the next day that changed to real estate agents. Once making the decision to sell, as soon as I heard Jerzy Gregorek's words, everything fell into place. I sold, bought and moved out of my home within 2 weeks and I haven't regretted the decision. In fact, I am so much happier and content living in a new city which provides the environment and lifestyle I used to dream of.

Since this time I have been faced with other major decisions and each time I reflect on Jerzy Gregorek's words.

We often make easy choices in life because we are comfortable, lack motivation, are scared or perhaps we don't know the first step to take. It may be easier to continue what the status quo, but will it take you towards the life you want to live? Let's look at some examples.

  • Exercise - The easy choice is to stay on your sofa and do nothing. But if you always take this easy route, you will never work out and eventually get out of shape. You’ll then be more likely to face health issues that could have been prevented if you had taken better care of your body. The easy choice leads to a hard life.
  • Nutrition - The easy choice is to eat an unvaried diet, perhaps with a lot of fast food. Again, if you keep making the easy choice, you’ll at some point run into health issues. But you can also make it slightly harder now by spending more time and energy to eat healthily. It’s a harder choice today, that leads to an easier life in the long run.
  • Relationships - The easy choice is to not end a toxic relationship. The harder choice today will ultimately improve your life.

In every difficult moment ask yourself what is a hard choice and what is an easy choice. You will know what the right step is for you to take.

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