Thoughts become things…choose the good ones

I have experienced first-hand my thoughts becoming things, both in a positive and negative way, and I have come to truly appreciate how our thoughts, emotions and behaviours are intertwined.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right." Henry Ford

Research suggests the average person has between 50,000-70,000 thoughts1 per day, this means between 35 and 48 thoughts per minute per person. Many of these are automatic thoughts that you often have no awareness of, they simply occur so quickly you don’t even notice them. Interestingly, it is usually the emotion you notice rather than the thought, and our emotions influence our behaviour.

Now imagine what would happen if you constantly had negative thoughts. When I lived in this space I felt depressed (emotion), and I saw the worst in every situation (behaviour). My thoughts were influencing the life I was living and I was miserable.

Over the years, having being exposed to and trained in cognitive behavioural techniques, I have developed a heightened self-awareness of my thoughts and I use this to my advantage on a daily basis.

To be honest, it is not a skill I have mastered. It takes practice to try and focus on the thoughts that are going your mind, especially when there are so many of them. Noticing how these thoughts influence how you feel and the behaviours that play out takes time. I genuinely believe, however, that the effort is worth the reward.

If you want to develop your skills in this area, get in touch and let's talk through how life coaching can support you.

1 National Science Foundation

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