Cognitive Behavioural Life Coaching Techniques

Cognitive behavioural techniques are drawn from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which focusses on the inter-connection of our core beliefs, thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

In a cognitive behavioural approach to life coaching, we explore the relationship between your (the coachee's) automatic thoughts, behaviours and emotions when these interfere with your ability to reach your goals. To elaborate further:

Automatic Thoughts - These are the words or images that go through a person's mind without an conscious effort. Automatic thoughts often go unnoticed, yet we often act on them as if they were true.
Emotions - A person's subjective feeling response as a result of their thoughts.
Behaviours - Actions carried out by a person in response to their thoughts or emotions.

As your coach, I may use cognitive behavioural techniques to help you (the coachee) to:

  • identify unhelpful thought patterns, by examining the validity of your automatic thoughts
  • modify or replace unhelpful thought patterns with thoughts that can be supported by facts
  • gain a better understand of your reactions to events and to change your emotional and behavioural patterns accordingly

Our thoughts influence our emotions and behaviours therefore by gaining a greater self-awareness of these automatic thoughts we can be better equipped to make the life changing choices that will ultimately determine our future.