Your Investment

Life Coaching involves a financial investment, however, more importantly a commitment to be open and willing to make the changes in your life. You are in complete control of the direction we take, and as your coach I will support and guide you throughout the life coaching process as you achieve your goals.

Commitment to:

  • Be present
  • Truly show up by being open and willing to the coaching process
  • Face obstacles and challenges, if they arise, with my support
  • Choose transformational change in your life by committing to life coaching for a period of time that will enable this change to happen
  • Invest time and energy outside of our one-on-one sessions
Financial investment:

  • 1.5 hour initial foundation session: $125
  • Face-to-face coaching sessions: $100 per hour

As your life coach I won't tell you what to do, however, I will use my skills and expertise to enable you to explore the possibilities and discover the answers that you hold within. Your goals are ready to be achieved, you just need to take the first step.