Value Conflict

Have you ever wondered why a situation gets under your skin more than others? Or perhaps why two people can experience the same situation yet they respond differently? Intriguing isn't it…

Could it be there is a value conflict which is caused by a perceived or actual incompatible belief system.

For example, trust may be a core value to you. You share some information with someone, trusting they will not tell anyone else as it was only meant for their ears. You then hear they have disclosed the information to other people. This would likely leave you with a mixture of feelings, some of which could possibly be quite strong emotions such as anger.

When you encounter a situation and you aren’t sure why you are having such a strong reaction, look at your values to see whether there is a perceived or actual incompatible belief system. If there is, then you are likely experiencing a value conflict.

We all have values in our life, whether we’ve taken the time to consider them or not. Being aware of what is important to you, your core values, helps you have a better understanding of who you really are. Your authentic self. Also, increasing your self-awareness of when a value conflict occurs helps you work through the root issue and to find a solution that best meets your needs. Going back to the previous example, if your trust has been broken then the solution needs to focus on rebuilding that trust. Only then will the issue be truly resolved.

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